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Raw Dalek Mutant


Raw Dalek Mutant

Raw Dalek Mutant.png
Rarity Color: Common
Renewable: Yes

Stackable: Yes (64)

Restores: 2 (Hunger Bar.png)

Status Effects: Poison (0:07)

A Raw Dalek Mutant is a poisonous food item which is obtained by killing Daleks, representing the alien which internally controls a Dalek casing.


Mob Loot

Upon death, Daleks will always drop 1 Raw Dalek Mutant.



While holding a Raw Dalek Mutant, the player can hold down the "Use" keybind (right click by default) to consume it.

Upon consumption, a Raw Dalek Mutant restores 2 (Hunger Bar.png) Hunger and 1 Saturation, but also inflicts Poison for 7 seconds. If additional Raw Dalek Mutants are consumed, the Poison duration will increase, but will never go above 7 seconds.



Name (en_us)

Ingredients (en_us) Smelting Recipe
Fried Dalek Mutant

Raw Dalek Mutant

Any Fuel


Smelting - Fried Dalek Mutant.png


Subtitles (en_us) Source Description Resource Location Translation Key Attenuation
Eating Players Eating a single food item ?
Burp Friendly Creatures A single food item has been eaten entity.generic.burp subtitles.entity.generic.burp ?

Data Values


Name (en_us)

Resource Location Form Translation Key
Raw Dalek Mutant raw_dalek_mutant Item item.dalekmod.raw_dalek_mutant


Version Change
65.0.0 Added Raw Dalek Mutant

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